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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a major field of dentistry focused on maintaining, restoring, and improving the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. For years, it has improved many people’s lives by improving their smile and helping them feel more confident socializing with others.


In fact a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that most people believe that an attractive smile makes a positive difference in how a person is perceived.


92% of adults agree that a beautiful smile is an important social asset

88% say they remember a person with an exceptionally attractive smile

85% say that an unattractive smile makes someone less appealing to others

75% say that an unattractive smile can negatively influence a person’s career

Many people have things they don’t like about their smile. Sometimes people won’t show their teeth in pictures and even keep their hands over their mouth when speaking. Yet many of these problems can be easily corrected by cosmetic dentistry. So take heart if you have been feeling embarrassed about your smile. The solution may be simple and easy.

Cosmetic Dentistry
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