The most Advanced Natural Regenerative Strategy offered at Koski DePaul Dental Group & CARE Esthetics.

Our Bio-CARE Signature Treatment includes:

Step 1 Stimulate collagen production using SmoothLase & LipLase laser therapy

Step 2 Laser peel

Step 3 Microneedling with PRF

Step 4 Customized treatment plan using fillers (our Bio-Fillers)

Step 5 COMPLIMENTARY REMOVAL of moles, veins and age spots

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan using 100% natural procedures.

Exclusive Laser Therapy

Build Collagen, Contour, Improve Facial Tissues, and Smooth Skin

We use Fotona lasers, which are the finest quality medical grade laser systems with the ability to drastically improve facial tissues, contouring and smoothness by building collagen using laser light therapy.

Lasers are the standard of care for removal of age spots, moles, and facial varicose veins.

Bio-CARE takes the Bio-PRF Lift procedure one step further to enhance facial rejuvenation by adding Smoothlase, Liplase, and laser peel using Nd:Yag and Er:Yag by Fotona.

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