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Discover ČUVGET


NOW at Koski DePaul Dental Group.

We've partnered with this groundbreaking Scandanavian product line to help provide our patients with a customized skincare regimen  focusing on all their needs.

> Favors skin hydration

> Promotes the production of collagen year round

> Favors the reduction in facial fine lines and wrinkles

> Promotes healthy skin

> An excellent accompaniment to our facial esthetic     treatments


To notice a significant improvement, a personalized skincare regimen is utilized twice a day for several months to see improvements in skin quality and texture.


ČUVGET skincare products are available for purchase in our office. 

ČUVGET uses effective ingredients that are gentle to your skin and also stimulates your skin cells to provide great results, without any damage and side effects.

Internationally Acclaimed. 

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